First 5k - Amazed

On the 4th of April I started the Couch25k and did week1 day1. It has taken me a long time to get here but on Saturday I ran my first Parkrun and the first ever 5k in my life! I turned 40 in June.

I got a time of 42:31. I'm so chuffed I managed to run all the way. It was painful, it hurt, it was hard but I did it anyway. Go me!

I have also lost about 20 lbs since starting.

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  • Hoooray ! Well done on your 5K achievement and being brave enough to do it at park run too ! Hope you keep up the good work.

  • Brilliant! Well done. I bet you are feeling great!

  • Whoop Whoop Congratulations

  • That's brilliant, well done. I hope to get there one day !

  • Go you! :-)

  • Looking purely at weeks on the calendar, it seems like a long time, about 17 odd weeks but when you think about it - it is the end of July and having only started at the beginning of April, you have just done a 5k run! Good grief, that is pretty good going.

    My goal is the G.O.S.H. 5k Santa Dash this December - which keeps me going.

    I am dead jelous that you have done your 5k event already!!

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