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W2r1 .. Should have listened

Everyone sAys "trust the programme". I was dreading my w2 run one though. Full of self doubt. I even put it off for a day. I spent yesterday in my running clothes but it just didn't happen. Today, after much procrastination i told myself I was doing this for me, so why fight myself. So off I went, only to find "yes", I could do it and " yes" I enjoyed it.

So, I am now going to state I am going out again on Friday morning. No excuses!

This is my time.. I just have to keep reminding myself

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Yep, as Nike have made a fortune from saying, "just do it" Tick!

You can do it. No room for self doubt! It's a fun programme but it can be a life changer. Take it steady, no need for speed, slow is best! The idea is to finish each session, no more lo less

Take care and have fun!

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Well done!

It's amazing how the body adapts and in a few weeks you'll look back and wonder at how much easier it has become. For now, however, enjoy r2 and don't be tempted to go too hard too soon.

Happy running!



Good for you. Keep doing it.

Keep a slow steady pace too. As the weeks progress, you will realise (as I have) that it is all about the length of the exercise, not the rate it is done at. Completing the session, albeit slowly, is more important than racing and overdoing it and not making it to the end. As your stamina increases, these horrible thoughts will go and you may increase the speed naturally.

I am a terrible procrastinator. Why do today that you can do tomorrow? :p

But the feeling when I have got back and completed the session is great and well worth that effort to make myself do it. 8-)


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