Couch to 5K

A good read for runners!

Personal record by Rachel Toor

I think that the ladies will like this - but I, an elderly man, am also enjoying it. I like her style.

I have discovered that I can download books for free from my local Public Library -- it is not an easy thing to do, quite convoluted and requires at least a Bachelor's Degree in Computing to figure out how to do (which I haven't got!) -- but what I lack there , I make up for in persistence!! :)

EDIT - I have also just noticed that this site doesn't like long URL links - so they have to be shortened in something like "Google URL shortener" - found here

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Looks like a good read!


Nice one Bazza


Oh ta Baz ! I love a good book. I was thinking of downloading the book by someone called Moire something (I forget what) who is a mountain runner in Ireland. Anyone read it/recommend it?


Great ! Thanks Bazz xxx

I love a good read. Im reading "10 Marathons in 10 Days " by Davey Green at the minute. Very good, very funny . :-) xxx


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