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my local parkrun group are going to try 8 parkrun courses in a day (1st at 07:30, last at 19:00). Of course I can't do that. I did parkrun twice by accident a couple of week ago, so I'm gonna try for 3 with a smaller group of slower runners. I'm going to try extending my long runs (currently 10k) a bit and maybe I can attempt 4? Or is that pushing it a bit? target date is 5th September. I have a 5k run the week after and a 10k the week after that.

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I have seen 5 parkruns done in a day - but I always wonder how it is done (as parkruns are "supposed" to be run everywhere at the same time.) Do they just run the parkrun courses - but not as an actual timed parkrun??

I have heard that our local council ( who are very supportive of parkrun and have three runs within the area of the Council) are intending to put on a local running Festival later this year - including a HM and full marathon around the parkrun course - that would be 8 parkruns for the full Marathon. I am considering the HM :) - but I fear that late October will be getting too hot for me for a daytime 21K run!!


That sounds fun!! Good luck!! Can't wait to find out how it went.

It's a tough one deciding how many because of the travel inbetween etc, but why not aim for four and see how it goes on the day.


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