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Tried to get off the injury couch only to return

So I sprained my ankle only two weeks into the programme and since then I have been on the injury couch for 7 long weeks. I have been walking normally on it for about 3 weeks and could even hop on the injured leg. Great, I thought, I'm sure I can run on it by now. I decided to start back at week 1 just to ease my self in carefully. however after the third run I had to stop and walk the rest.ankle swelled up and went red and hurt and has been hurting since although I can walk ok. I had it in my mind that this would be a test run to check out the condition of my ankle but I couldn't help but feel disappointed. I guess there is more healing needed before I can run on it so going to give it a few more weeks before I try again. Reluctantly returns to the couch with ice pack 😔

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I am no medico -- but seven weeks does sound to me like a long time to repair an ankle sprain??? have you seen somebody (not a GP) about this??? To have the pain return after this time does not seem right to me -- perhaps you have weak ankles that may need some "strengthening exercises" to be able to run???


I think you need to see some sort of medical professional. Your GP will tell you to rest and take painkillers, a podiatrist might be more helpful. 7 weeks is a long time to heal a sprain! You might have tiny fractures somewhere (depending on where the pain is) so your GP *might* refer you to xray if they get suspicious.


Oh poor you! I can hear your frustration at not being able to run. Can I ask, did you have an X-ray when you hurt your ankle, or did you self-diagnose? When I broke my ankle in February, the doc told me I was lucky that it was a simple break because a bad sprain could take much longer to heal! Now, almost 5 months later, I'm just making preparations to start running again. I've had lots of physio and, to be honest, I'm still not completely pain free all the time. Actually, the consultant in the hospital fracture clinic told me it would hurt for at least a year (although my physio thought that was rubbish!)

I would suggest that you see your doctor in the first instance but be prepared for her/him to tell you to have patience. If you can get some physio then do. A physio will be able to offer treatment to repair tissue damage and exercises to build up your strength. Mine told me that ankles are tricky things and take a lot of mending when they get damaged. He also said that some people will not regain full function without professional help!

Good luck. Please keep posting so we know how you're getting on.


Thank you for all your replies. I did have it x rayed 7 weeks ago and was told it was a sprain not a break but to expect it to take 8-12 weeks. I thought as I was walking on it it must be ok but it did not feel right running on I can walk ok on it and it is mostly pain free. The swelling has gone down too .think I will rest it for a bit longer and try again in a few weeks.if I still am having problems I will seek out some physio/advice. Hope you are back in action soon Ancient mum. I will be interested to find out how you progress. I expect you have more running 'credit' than I do.cant even get started on the pesky programme so am still an absolute beginner who can't barely get off the starting blocks. Will keep up the yoga and walking for now.


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