Couch to 5K

Finished C25k... now what?

Finished C25k... now what?

Hi Runners!

I started the c25k programme at the beginning of the year and dipped in and out of this forum for invaluable support, advice, encouragement and inspriration!

To ensure I didn't stop running, I signed up for a summer 10k, which I just completed last week! I never thought I would be a runner and run a 5k, let a lone a 10k!!!

I wrote a blog post about it and thought I would share it on here in case it would be of help to anyone.

Have a great weekend and don't stop running ;)

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really well done on your achievements :D ... don't think any of us realise what we can do when we first step out on week 1 . it really is a journey into the unknown :)


WELL DONE YOU! Now go immediately to your nearest pub and order 12 pints of a nutty ale. Down them over the course of twenty minutes and sing "Jerusalem".

You did know that's what all graduates do right?


brilliant..well done. Its a fantastic feeling isn't it??


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