Couch to 5K

Getting easier!😀

Well w3r3 complete and feeling better with each session. Recovery times improving and actually feeling dissappointed when Amy says its time to walk!

Might not feel like that next week.

Just wish my left achillies tendon wouldn't ache during and after a run. I know I walk on the outside edge of my feet, and more so on my left side. Not sure how to stop doing this ..... Any suggestions?

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well done on your progress so far :) the program builds week on week and you are slowly getting fitter and your stamina is improving :D

There is no rush to complete the timed runs,do them as slowly as you need to ...

As for the aches it could be down to your body adjusting and or the running shoes you have, they may not be the right type ? also ensure you stretch after your runs ,if need be take 2 rest days if it helps


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