w8r1on parkrun

Had a good w8r1 on a parkrun, albeit a tad too warm for a new runner.

Did slightly over 28 mins then alternated with walking & running, so done nigh on 30 mins running.

With being spurred on by the course stewards about 50 metres from the finish I opened the taps and upped the pace, but on crossing the line started to feel sick and tried to throw up, luckily I hadn't had anything to eat before the run, just had a few glugs of water going round.

Anyway I soon recovered, could it have been a combination of heat & lack of food in the gut? Anyone else had this? Would like to avoid it happening again.

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  • Porridge, that's what you need in a morning before a run, the fuel for runners.

  • I always feel like getting sick at the end of a race because of a sprint finish. It's probably from pushing yourself so hard.

  • I haven't had it happen to me, but when I was doing finish tokens at park run on pacer day 3 people were sick at the finish due to pushing themselves so hard. Shows you really put in maximum effort !!

  • Well done.... And that probably was a combo of heat, nerves, lack of food... I get up early and have egg on toast before parkrun, and I always take drinks and sweets for afterwards as sprint finishes can leave you a bit dizzy!! Hope you have fully recovered...

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