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Running, coughing and the recurrence of asthmatic symptoms?

I used to be a big smoker and doctors told me, at the time, that I had asthma. I was on two inhalers but when i stopped smoking, my asthma cleared up and i haven't needed an inhaler for maybe 9 years.

However, I have discovered that, at least three runs, when i haven't even been badly out of breath, I've had a slight burning in my lungs and started coughing. I did wonder if it could be pollen but on at least one of the runs i was down by the sea and away from any sources of pollen.

Has anyone had a similar thing happen whether you have asthma or not?

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I have asthma and since running I have to use my inhaler a lot more in Summer due to pollen...sunglasses help... And remember you are out more too so more exposed to pollen etc.... I also used to love smoking....


I've had asthma since i was 5, the good old days when giving a 5yr old cortizone and wondering why i was hyperactive. Goodtimes. Burning doesnt really sound like a symptom of asthma that i have ever experiencd especially as you describe your breathing is ok.


It could also be mild acid reflux (indigestion) inhaling small paricles of stomach acid can cause what your describing. I had this problem for years which was making my asthma worse despite medication. We eventually solved it. Other signs of this are a scratchy feeling throat / croaky voice, needing to clear your throat alot, thirsty alot.

Hope this helps.


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