Couch to 5K

beyond c25k, "Staying on track"

Hello, I've been very remiss about keeping up running since I did c25k (a few weeks ago).

I realise I need some structure or I'll just flounder.

Just found this and it seems to fit the bill - "Staying on track".

Looks like it's a good follow on program to share with new c2k grads.

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I know, sometimes it's hard to keep motivated, especially when you're not totally addicted to it yet ;)

I did a couple of weeks of the IT program last year, it's good, apart that having to watch the video first wasn't my cup of tea...

Have you thought of doing Parkrun? And the C25K+ podcasts are good too.

I personally need an event to go to - I registered for a 10k in July, so I have to keep running and training :) There are also lots of 5 k events during the summer - some for "serious" runners, but lots for fun, and there will probably be one near you.

Keep running, and enjoy the summer !


Thanks for this post, I think I will follow this program. Will treat w9 of C25k as Wk 1 of IT, and take it from there. Very pleased to have this sorted :)


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