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I've just downloaded the app but I'm confused!!

I've just downloaded the app and I'm planning to start either this weekend or next week as I will have broken up from summer for college and will therefore have time :) What's confusing me is that there are only 3 days a week to do the walking/running. Does this mean that I would run Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week or Moday, Thursady and Sunday?? Or do you just go Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday?? I'm confused :D Do you do other exercises in between or do you rest? I'm wanting to go to gymnastics and dance classes this summer so I'm just wondering if it would work to do this -

Monday - run

Tuesday - gymnastics

Wednesday - run

Thursday - dance

Friday - run

Saturday - an online exercise video/just dance/Zumba

Sunday - rest day

Or would that be too much and could I do 2 things in the same day if they clashed?? Such as run in the morning and do gymnastics at night or would this be too much?? I want to follow the plan properly but I really want to go back to gymnastics and dance as well :D

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Your plan looks perfect. You can either do 3 runs a week and finish in 9 weeks if you don't need to redo any sessions, OR run every other day in which case you will finish quicker but your plan of alternating the running with dance and gymnastics is a good one. Wishing you every success.


Thank you!! :)


The rest day between runs is important, especially as a new runner and any exercise you do on those days should be non impact. So your dance, gymnastics and Zumba will probably be fine as long as your legs are not getting too much of a pounding. Remember that you are in control and you can give yourself more rest days if you are finding it too hard going. Good luck.

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I am 67 and am reasonably fit but never run. I have just completed C25K and played tennis for two hours three times and walked 9 miles in mountains and played two rounds of golf a week as well as running three times. I found the running the most challenging. The other exercise complements the running.


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