Off out for a slow run :)

I've posted before about trying to increase my pace and distance very gradually, after feeling I increased too quickly before. Well - to update - I've run 3.5k for 7 runs, followed by a 3.0k run near my bf's flat, which is super hilly. Then I ran 3.8k for 3 runs, along my familiar (and flatter) canal routes, and really began to feel my pace improving. So this weekend I tried 4.2k at my bf's again, very much hampered by hills and therefore not a very good pace, but successfully covering more distance without becoming exhausted. Although most of it was hard going I managed a respectable pace for the last km and even sprinted at the end. Overall pace was naturally pretty slow at 10.22min/k! I'm sure a lot of you won't believe I ran at that pace, continuously, and did not walk any of it! But I'm confident I can improve my pace on a non-hilly route. So I'm off out now for a sunny late-afternoon run on my local, much flatter canal paths. I hope to be able to report back with a below 10min (or even below 9min?) pace - forthwith!

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  • Okay, so it wasn't a slow run after all. Managed 4.13k in 33:52min, at a very respectable 8:12min/k pace. I'm so chuffed! I think the hilly run on the wknd must have helped, because I was only managing a best pace of 8:42min/k on my 3.8k runs last week. I'm feeling much more confident about getting comfortably back to 5k now. Slow and steady seems to be the best plan.

  • That's great! I'm still here, thanks for checking :) Haven't posted for ages, as I've very little to report, but I've kept running (also around 3.5k for the last couple of weeks) and have had no trouble at all with the hip, so very pleased. I've found most of my runs pretty hard going though, to be honest. Have lost that old mind over matter thing a bit I reckon. Running in the sun is tough too! I've got Race for Life in a couple of weeks, so I'm hoping I can do 5k there and then get back to feeling like I can do Parkruns again and stop being such a wimp. When's your next run and what are you planning on doing next?

  • I forgot you'd signed up for Race for Life. Hope you don't mind me asking where you are - it's not meant to be to check up! Just noticed you'd been absent, but that's good to hear you're running. I haven't got a hell of a lot to report but it feels good to stay connected. I hope you get back to 5k okay in next few weeks. But they say the crowd sort of carries you along at these events. I'm yet to do a parkrun even

    I'm off running for a week as I'm off to Glastonbury tomorrow. But will be back, doing a few 4.2ks for the first week of July, hopefully building up to 4.6 then 5k by late July then I'll celebrate by doing a parkrun (finally). Glad hip pain has disappeared. The mind over matter thing is so much easier when you're in-flow running. I feel like I'm slowly getting back there, fitness wise, and then the mind over matter stuff will follow after perhaps?

  • Hope so! Glad to have a nudge to check in. I should do so more often. It might get me back in the swing of it a bit more. This forum is what got me going first time around after all. Have fun at Glastonbury! I went once, nearly twenty years ago. I don't remember much about it other than that I got very muddy and had a great time.

  • That's great slow and steady catchee monkey!

  • Definitely slow and steady, not sure that monkey's ever going to let me catch up though!

  • That's brilliant - yes, hills do help with speed... Do not rule out the run/walk method - especially uphill. I started running up a hell of a hill by running (?) 1 minute and walking 2 - then increasing slowly the run segments - now I can run 4 or 5 min uphill, before lying flat on the tarmac ;) but actually my pace was faster when I had reached 2 min run/1 min walk...

  • Okay... that's definitely useful to know. Might try it next time I'm in Mill Hill (the clue is in the name...)

  • I have found run/walk allows me an overall aggregated pace that is faster than I get through continuous running. I usually run for 1.5-2k, walk for a minute or two and then run 1k, walk 90 seconds repeatedly. I do do the walking bits fairly quickly and my running isn't very fast, so perhaps it makes sense.

  • You are doing really well. My fastest so far is 10:11 pace.

    What is helping the most to increase your pace?

  • Hi Daisyrun, thanks, we're all doing well as long as we're running, right? But I'm trying to improve my pace just to a point where it feels comfortable. I'm playing with a mixture of factors, including managing how I use my inhaler, and trying to run as slow as I can to start with until I find a comfortable rhythm. This run showed me the difference between running on the flat rather than on hills. People say trying different routes helps. What do you find helps?

  • I haven't really got a strategy. I have started doing a 5km run once a week. Also do 2 30 minutes too.

    My runner friend told me just keep going for runs and my time will improve.

  • Sounds like things are coming along nicely, Ruth. Well done.

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