Couch to 5K

Wk5 r1: wow

So here I am, week 5. 5 weeks of running who'd have thought. Last week 5mins run felt long, felt hard one run and easier the next.

So had my fruit and granola for a bit of fuel. I had a feeling i was going to need some sugar power today.

It went well, the first 2 runs passed remakably quick and while I did get a proper sweat going, they felt great at 10 and 11km/h. The last run not so quick at 9km/h but i managed it. Strangely it was going to the last walk that killled the last run, my body just didnt want to come out of the walk interval. I'm enjoying it more now there are less intervals for some reason.

I hit 4k in 29:44 so another minute off my 4k PB. Pleased with that.

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maybe you were going a bit too fast at the start... rule of thumb is better to start slow and end fast ;)


I usually aim to do a consistent speed across all run intervals, on a good day 10km/h is pretty comfortable (slower seems to kill my shins for some reason) . I think i was a bit pumped that the first 5min interval went well that i just pushed a bit too hard on run interval 2. I didnt have much left for interval 3. I still finished at running speed but i had to dig DEEP. My legs and breathing were fine though, my head tapped out.

I'm not going to be too hard on myself though 5 weeks ago i couldnt run for a bus!


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