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Wk5 Day 3

Oh my goodness. I ran for 20minutes without stopping. True. Yes I did!!! I can't believe it. Felt so amazing I am going to repeat it tomorrow. When I think back it has often taken me 5 or 6 attempts to get through some of the earlier weeks and I just nailed Wk5 Day 3. I put my music on and powered through 4 tracks before glancing at the countdown clock. Felt like I'd run the marathon when I finished. Glory hunter 😂😂

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Well done Spinderella! So please you have embraced the joy of running. But please don't do it again tomorrow. I understand the elation, truly I do, but recovery is just as important as the run itself and the injury couch is the most frustrating place in the world to be!


Well done and enjoy the wonderful feeling I remember it well would like it in tablet form because nothing much comes close !! I agree don't do it again tomorrow rest and continue with week 6 and before long you will be doing week 9 run 3 and the feeling will return ! good luck ! :)


Well done.


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