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Can't believe it has been two months since I last posted. I have not given up and I'm back up to running 30 mins consistently. On Monday evenings we part take in Ultimate Frisbee training sessions and run on Thursdays and then complete parkrun on Saturday. This schedule seems to be working. On Thursday last I struggled a little in the heat but I kept going and even went a little further then normal. My distance on my Fitbit tracker however only recorded it at 2.59 miles (4.16 km) but when I did the route out on mapmyrun it told me it was 4.7 km either way I know I went a little further in the 30 mins than normal. Then today at parkdrun I got my best time yet, 32:14 mins. This was awesome. I did do a very short walk towards the end however because of that I pushed my self into a sprint for the final straight to make up for it.

I will also be completing Week 4 of my nhs diet tomorrow. I am not annoyed or finding it difficult to count my calories anymore like I did before. My boyfriend is a great support too. Today when we were shopping and choosing yogurt he picked the tubs up and read the information on it and than we the best option. During this time I have had social outings however the results haven't been too disappointing.

Week 1 : Lost 1.2 kg

Week 2 : Stayed the same (after the lost)

Week 3 : Up by 0.4 kg

Week 4 : find out tomorrow.

Anyhow I am feeling good and apologies for not posting much recently, but I have been reading and listening and there is a lot of positivity and support from this community and its great.

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