Couch to 5K

Bye bye week 7

Late entfy today as busy busy busy. Daughters end of exam party till 1 am. 30. 16 year olds having time of life. Followed by operation clean up till 2 am. Off to bed for 4 half hours kip up and out for 7 am to complete last run of week 7. All done and dusted so proud reaaly cannot believe it no i have said it before. Howeve what am i going to do about al this extra energy that bas come with it. I know will go and enjoy myself at my nieces barbecue for 21 st birthday later. 7 weks ago i was the proverbial couch potatao. All of thr above would have bean reasons not to move. Now i am joining in with it all exercising and feeling fab. Keep going anyone who has doubts has done wonders for me and an added bonus the skinny jeans are on and they dont just zip they actjally fit ! Sorry about spelling to busy to change !

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Running week 7 on 4 hrs sleep? ! ! Thats pretty impressive stuff! Well done on that! Enjoy the bbq and good work getting in those skinny jeans😆


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