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Hi all, you probably saw my post last week, and thank you everyone for lovely replies, a week has passed, I've been doing 30 day shred which is a lot of strength work, played hockey Sunday, but still have extremely painful legs, went to minor injuries, the nurse told me to run through the excruciating pain? Even if I cAnt walk as it's just muscular? What do you all think to that? It's contradictory to everything I've read 😕

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Katie, just stop everything, have a rest, let your knees and muscles recover and then try again a little more slowly. Rome wasn't built in a day. Fitness without injury takes time and patience. You've got to learn to pace yourself girl before you do yourself a mischief! Now relax!!!


I agree with Mum , Katie xxx You are running yourself into the ground . Be kind to yourself , give yourself a break . Running will still be there for you when you've had a rest for a bit xxxx


Definitely give it a rest. I've done 30 day shred and felt the pain (along with great results mind you)!! Lots of squatting and leg work takes a lot out of you. I tried to do it on my C25K rest days but found it too much. I have to do one or the other. All the best.


I'm hoping after a few days I'll be ok, it's so frustrating! I've never wanted to be able to run so much in all my life, Everywhere feels stronger but my calfs. It feels if I take days off I am undoing all my hard work so far lol. And when the nurse said carry on, run through the pain, I didn't know what to think x


I see it that pain is your body's way of telling you something's really quite wrong. Aching is one thing, and yes, continuing through aching can be ok. But pain is something else. And far better to take an extra few days now to make sure you're ok to continue, than to push on through and injure yourself more, resulting in enforced rest for longer.


Have you tried foam rolling? I find it really helps to alleviate muscle pain, and for me I think it helps to prevent further injury.


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