Should I !? 10k tomorow

Hi everyone, I'm looking for some thoughts please. I have a 10k in Hopeton Edinburgh tomorow, which j trained religiously for up til two weeks ago I was doing a 6k loop around my house four times a week. Then life got in the way and for the past two weeks I've done one run! I've also played football for an hour twice per week the last fortnight which I treat as interval training as I word harder then and burn more cals/heart rate up more etc. my question is should I just go and attempt the 10k tomorow? Any advice is appreciated!


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12 Replies

  • You have been running a total 24km every week before your break. I would say treat the last 2weeks as a long taper and give it a go. You won't of lost anything and probably gained some as your break was not due to illness. Good luck and remember to enjoy it.

  • Thank you rfc I think with your encouragement I might just Go for it then! I guess I can always walk if need be. Thanks

  • Do it! I ran a half marathon with not enough training and it was grand - hurt more than it should have afterwards but that's kind of ok if it's a one off. If you have to walk a bit, you have to walk a bit - no biggie.

  • I would say do some stretching today then give it a go...if you struggle you can always walk.... good luck!!

  • You absolutely should. I'm doing an 8 mile run today that I haven't put the proper training into due to some aches and pains. But it'll be a fun event, and if you have to use a run-walk so be it.

  • Good point Ju! You can always walk some of it.

    If you have been keeping fit then you should be fine

    Good luck

  • Yeah I'm gonna make an effort and see if j can do it! Thanks everyone just needed a wee confidence boost xx

  • Yes go for it, take it steady and enjoy! x :-)

  • Of course. When you have a choice of run or not run, always run. If you can't run all the way, don't run all the way. Never stay at home unless under strict medical advice.

  • Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! Go for it !

    You have put the training in already, you are more than capable .

    Its a 100% big fat YES from me.

    Even if you have to walk some of it, its fine ! You will have a brilliant day , I am sure .

    Enjoy it ! :-) xxx

  • How did it go?

  • I unfortunately didn't manage to go after all 😔 I also had terrible sunburn from the Wednesday that had me very dehydrated so I decided against it and have rescheduled for next Sunday's 10k in another town that I'm really looking forward to x

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