Couch to 5K

W4 r1- the whole five minutes

I've been lurking since I started the programme, and I finally feel that I've accomplished enough not to be laughed at in the changing rooms (school PE fear there).

My head was funny about week four. "Five minutes? You'll never do that, who are you kidding?"

"I'll just put the kit on, and go to the park, if I can't do it no one has to know"

"It's a bit hot you know, and you're a bit tired for this, you're not going to be able to do it!"

"Can you just shut up, I'm going and you're not helping"

Yes I talk to myself, mainly in my head, but still.

But I did it, I did five minutes, and...I did it twice so it's not a fluke.

"Hmm, ok" says my head, "but you're not going to be able to do week five, those people on the Internet, they say it's really hard, and you still breathe like a landed cod when you're running"

Oh for goodness sake!

I did it though, and I was clinging to a tree for support in week 1 so that's got to be progress :)

Good luck to everyone else eyeing week five with trepidation :)

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If anything this programme does help with negative thoughts in general as it's so affirming. After you finish each run -which you will cos you will run slowly and have enough puff because you take walking breaks to get your breath back - you will feel that bit better about how things are going. Punch the air, and give a "yes!" after each one and you'll soon start to believe. Laura tells you to run tall. You will! Just have faith in yourself and the programme, which is progressive and will deliver you to being able to run 30 minutes by the end of the 9 weeks. You better believe it!

Let the voices in your head always be positive ones.

Good luck


I so know what you mean about arguing with yourself! I still do this all the time - part of me saying 'you can't do this, it's too hard, just give up now', and the better part saying 'yes you can - your legs are fine, your breathing's fine, it's all ok, and you've run far further before now!'

Just remember, although 'those people on the Internet' say week 5 is hard, they almost unanimously come back triumphantly saying they did it. And if it's a bit too much first time round, just give it another go. No harm done, no failure, you're still improving. :) And yes, definitely keep thinking back to week 1 and how far you've come since then!


well done on wk 4 r 1... and yes I think ONE of the clever aspects of how the programme works.. is that, because the challenges at the start are all ' gradual' they ARE achievable.. and as such, you get USED to dealing with the ' voice in our head' we all have.. and slowly begin to ' trust' a. in the programme ( well if it says i can do it, i can) and b. learn to cope with these voices and overcome them , literally, step by step..

so well done. and yes well done for saying too!! and welcome to the forum!!


Thanks for the encouragement folks :)

Does anyone have any advice about running with a cold?

I've missed one run already and I really don't want to end up going backwards, but my head is full of glue and I can't face the thought of pounding feet to go with the pounding head.

It's rubbish, just as I was getting into it too!


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