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Week 8, here I come!

Morning everyone, I just completed week 7 and its been an emotional rollercoaster. I did the first run, all be it a struggle, but the second run was like torture. From early on I felt like I couldn't do it, it was so hard, even my other half struggled, when it said time to walk I actually cried (and I'm not a crier). There are no other words to describe it better than horrific. After I recovered I decided I was having the weekend off and going to do run 3 on Monday. However, yesterday I felt good, positive, and so we decided to give run 3 a try. BEST RUN EVER. Did a slightly different route to avoid a steep hill. I felt good doing it and in the last minute I pushed and ran quite fast. I really enjoyed it. We even did an 8 mile dog walk a few hours afterwards.

Starting week 8 on Tuesday night and I'm still on track to complete this before my race for life (fingers crossed).

I've also volunteered at 2 parkrun's now and I plan to attempt it for the first time on the 27th June! eeek. They seem a good supportive bunch and have offered up loads of advice and pointers to help me. Also been invited to join a ladies running club which I may do in the future.

Have a good week everyone :)

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Well done keep it up, I'm also doing the race for life this coming sunday eek!! You should definately consider joining the running club, I joined my local club about a month ago and the support is brilliant, there is a mix of different abilities but the stronger runners are great and hang back for us slightly slower peeps, encouraging all the way and the good thing is I probably run alot further with them once a week than I would if I was out on my own so you should go for it! Good luck for R4L :D


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