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New PB :D distance 18.13km

Decided to go for a long slow run this morning. Set out at 6h00 before it got too warm. I have two runs along the north bank of the Loire. The hillier route is mostly in the direction of Orléans, the longer flatter one is mostly in the direction of Tours. They overlap to some extent.

I decided to join these two routes together for a nice long slow run. I wasnt sure exactly how long it would be.

I decided to ensure that I kept my pace slow and steady by checking my MIO Link heartrate monitor reguarly. He flashes blue when I'm not running, green when I'm running slowly, red when I'm running faster. On my normal runs he mostly flashed red. I ensured today that he only flashed green.

The result was a long slow very enjoyable run. Mr Garmin said at the end that it was 18.13 km, which I was very pleased with indeed :)

As I said, it was very slow. It took me 2h14mins with an average pace of 7:26min/km, but that was intentional.

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7.26min/km isnt that slow in my book but then I am a newb :D - sounds wonderful though well done :D


Thanks mellyboobah. Yes it was wonderful. Particularly as I'm only 3 weeks back from injured ankles which had had me running only 5km once a week since April. Happily, ankles feel fine this morning.

It's just so nice to be back out there running again :)

Happy Running


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