w7r3 , ive been doing my runs on the treadmill and today I wanted to start getting use to running outside ,

so I went to our local park to do wk7r3

and failed miserably! !! :(

felt so disheartened. the other thing is today is my rest day. I know I shouldn't of gone out really . trying too hard I think.

but im not going to let it put me off.

wilk try again tomorrow .


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26 Replies

  • Don't give up. My first run outside was awful. I was going far too fast. Try again and slow right down. Then even slow down more. Once you get the pace right you'll be fine. It's so difficult at first after the treadmill pacing you. I wouldn't go back to treadmill now. Outside so much better. Try again tomorrow maybe. Don't give up. Trust me!!!!!

  • aww thank you very much for your advice, toonlou24.

    youve just boosted my confidence !!! im so glad its not just me !

    yes it was awful I will go out again tomorrow on normal paths not the park .

    try again. great advice I was going too fast I think?

    on treadmill u can control speed more so its just getting use to it like you said.

    Thanks again I got smile back in my face now ha ha. :)

  • That's good. You're v welcome. I know how I felt when I just couldn't do it! I was a graduate too!!! And I couldn't do 3 mins until I slowed right down then something clicked. You will be fine tomorrow. Just take t

  • Oooops I hasn't finished!!! Take your time. Let us know how it goes! Good luck. You can do it!!!!

  • aww thank you all so much.

    you helped loads. and thanks :)

    I will do

  • hi toon lou 24

    you asked me to let you know how I went on today. well another fail


    I'm thinking of going out every day to try and get a bit further each time

    is that a good idea? or not any help needed.

    I really dont want it to veat me wen ive come this far! and also im just sticking on wk7r3 untill I

    get to do it that sound ok?

    im gutted that this is happening now as ive never had to repeat a single week ip to now! Thank you

  • Oh no. You poor thing. Don't give up. It is totally different outside. I know you feel you want to go out everyday but don't!! You really need your rest days otherwise you risk injury. Did you go slow? Then even slower. I mean so slow it's almost a brisk walk pace!! I'm not sure what to suggest about which week to do. I had graduated. And when I first went out there was no way I could run for 30 mins. I just walk ran until I got used to it. Then once I had my pace right I managed it. Probably third run outside. Also had you eaten?? Drank enough water? Please don't give up. You've done brilliantly to get this far. Message me anytime if you want too but keep going! It will click! Xx

  • aww thank you so much. its the pace im probably getting wrong?

    I judt cant seem to get it right. was so breathless,

    no I didn't eat before and maybeI was a bit dehydrated? am on week 7r3 should I keep doing this on the treadmill untill I finish week 9? and keep trying outside inbetween not on rest days I know. then when I

    finish wk 9 then concentrate on building myself up for outside maybe? or is thst not a good idea?

    im not giving up no way! I want to complete the whole podcast.

    thanx so much for your sound advice its all helping me along the way :)

    and thanx for letting me msg you. xx

  • Yeah you could keep going on the treadmill but it gets very boring as runs get longer. Now you've tried outside id stick to it. Otherwise you may confuse yourself with pace again. Make sure you have eaten and drank enough, maybe try a different time of day. I love running in the early evening. I find it easier. You sound very determined so I'm sure it will click. Xx

  • Also think about your stride. I do weeny steps! I shuffle along!!! Xx

  • ok thats great thanks very much. xx

  • aww thank you loads of sound advice.

    thank you so much. :)


  • You're very welcome!!! We've all been there! Where do you live? If I was near id meet you!!! X

  • im in Manchester where u live?

    n aww thanx xx

  • Warwick! A bit far!! Nevermind!!! Xx

  • ha ha yep a bit far. shame , but thank you so much. :)


  • Yeah don't try too hard. Just be nice and steady. Be calm and relaxed about it and things will fall into place. Trying too hard will end up in getting hurt. Bodies new to exercise need a gentle introduction. C25k is perfect in that respect

  • aww thank you misswobble.

    yeah your right I was trying too hard!

    im just going to focus on my pace, breathing, and plan some routes.

    hopefully ill crack it then

    thanx again for your advice


  • I've done a mixture of inside and outside. Outside is more tricky. You have to pace yourself, pavements aren't flat (ours slope really badly to one side), there are roads to cross and curbs to avoid and dogs and hills and slippery grass and once in my case a level crossing closing! Nothing like that on a treadmill!

    Outside is much more interesting though!

    Did wk 5 r 3 on a treadmill though to avoid torrential rain and then wk 6 r 1 seemed really hard outside.

  • yes your right rainbowsmurf

    its more tricky outside,

    our pavements are the same awfull in places. ha ha yes very interesting outside :)

    yeah im thinking now its the key!

    pace myself I was going too fast I think. so different to treadmill.

    thanx for your advice. :)

  • Good luck.

    No idea why I'm giving you advice ; I'm only just starting week 6 and looking forward in awe, wonderment and terror to week 7!


  • aww dont be daft! your doing amazing! week 7 isnt that bad honest! uve allready done whats ahead of you in week 7 on wk 6r3

    was it 25min run? if so thats week 7 . I was also dreading it big time but it wasnt that bad honest!

    keep going! we can do this!!!!

    and you gave sound advice thanx . :)

    p.s well done great achievement.

  • oops sorry thought it said you just finished wk 6 . lol keep going.

  • Don't worry Sarahjayne - switching over from treadmill to outside can be tricky - you don't really need to think about pacing when the treadmill does it all for you. Go slower than you think you need to and you'll find your natural pace that suits you best eventually. On the plus side I always find time passes quicker outside as there are things to distract you and you don't tend to clock watch every 30 seconds. Good luck!

  • aww thank you for your advice

    rr76, yes your right the treadmill does.

    and yeslots of things going on outside to stop you clock watching lol.

    let you know how tomorrow goes, I will post tomorrow after ive done it. thanx again for the great advice. :)

  • I found that running with others outside is good, hence parkrun, especially if they have pacers (every month in our case). I used to chase the 30 minute pacer (with no success at first). Now I'm chasing the 29 minute pacer (yes that's her over there in the distance).

    I hate dogs, but since doing a few runs outside, I hate the cyclists just as much (they appear out of nowhere ninja style, whoosh round you swearing as they go, and disappear into the distance before you can swear back).

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