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Training for Bristol 10K and virtually running to Mars

After graduating last year I have found it difficult to motivate myself. I did the Bristol Half marathon in September which I completed but it was hard as such a hot day and even Disco Dave who danced his way round beat me in. I did a 10K for breast cancer care through Richmond park and did not really enjoy it so spent the winter months running occasionally always finding an excuse not to run, its too cold, too wet. I signed up to do the Bristol 10K which is on Sunday so this forced me out and at the same time I discovered virtual running, I ran 3 miles for Mr long and prosper. I am now virtually running to Mars, obviously not on my own as it is a bit far but am clocking up higher weekly mileage than I even ran to prepare for the half marathon. It is very strange what psychologically makes a difference to different people on here. I now am able to run even with the niggling pain under my foot, I think it is a tendon popping, as I can beat the gremlins in my head telling me to walk. I will hopefully beat my PB and enjoy the 10K on Sunday, if not at least that is six miles nearer Mars!

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I am running it too...would be lovely to meet you???? Sounds like you've put in a fantastic amount of training, well done...and looking forward to it too....


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