Couch to 5K

House of Cards addict

I am loving my running. Now back on the wagon and have run 4 times this week, all first thing in the morning. Am amazed at myself that I can get up and go out first thing by boy do I feel good after a run!

I'm very impressed with the app and now I've got my music sorted there's no stopping me ☺️

As well as all the support and advice I got on here, I've recently been hooked on 'house of Cards' and Robin Wright's character, Claire. As well as admiring her hair and style, I loved watching her run on the program. She made it look effortless! I thought, I'd love to look like that when I run! Unfortunately the only thing I have in common with her is we are the same age and possibly the same weight (though I think she's probably about 10" taller than me so that counts that one out 😁)

Am looking forward to my next run on Tuesday and enjoying reading everyone's progress on here.

Whatever your motivation, have a good week!

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Yep, it's a great show, although I never quite believed that Claire could be running very far, considering how chilled she looked.

Happy running


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