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Week 2 run 1 - wow

Hi everybody :)

So I decided to go for run before lunch because I didn't want to be stress in the evening with bathing kids and rushing for run blah blah...If I think about last week,that I couldn't run for 1 whole minute and this week I managed to run for 1.30 min with no problems is amazing :) To be absolutely honest I finish my last 2 jogs about 15-20 seconds earlier,but at least I did it over a minute.My legs don't hurt , but feel like a jelly but I'm happy ( not sure if it's because this first run is behind me or because I did well ) .Also I will probably need to get some support for me knees,because it hurts when I jog ( I'm probably too heavy for my knees to manage ) . Let's rock and roll Thursday x

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Hi Kat, you are obviously doing well. Keep it up. Maybe get some support for you knees. I don't have this problem so wouldn't really know how to solve it. C25k is such a fantastic program, every run just surprises me.


Try KT tape for your knee £6 Amazon for a roll just cut off strips and have a look on you tube for taping ideas 😀 works for me x well done keep it up its amazing I am a graduate recently and have ran 4 miles today. Couldn't run for toffee beforehand x


See - you'll be fine by run 3 and then you'll be ok to move on to the next week - that Laura's a canny chick!

I struggled with knee pain to start with, and I found running on the playing field, whilst actually being slightly harder work, was kinder to my knees. I also used tubigrip style knee bandages from Sports Direct to offer a little support while my leg muscles got stronger. Some people say they are counter productive, but I found that they just allowed my knees a bit of protection while the early weeks of running strengthened up the muscles which hold all the joints together. I don't need to use them now, unless I get a niggle.

If the knees are still sore on Thurs, I would recommend taking an extra rest day. I know you want to get on with the programme, but if you run on sore knees it could put you out of action for longer. Have you discovered the runners' leg strengthening exercises on Health Unlocked? It's a good idea to do them on non running days as this will speed up the process of getting those muscles up to the job ahead of them.


Good for you.. keep it up!! you are doing very well so far..Ooops I'm beginning to sound like ' Laura' here.. but it IS true..

I must admit though, when i get to the end of the week I am SO keen to move on mainly cos I'm fed up with hearing the same music!!


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