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Still no progress on my knee injury. :( Given in after so much pain yesterday. Very grumpy! So am seeing physio today to see what she reckons damage is. Ok, it's only been a week since wk3r2 but I'm burning to get back out there! can't walk properly, can't walk stairs without big effort, can't bend, can't kneel, can just about drive (but expecting maybe not after physio! Not much help with half term looming + kids to amuse!!) Seriously fed up!!! Meanwhile the chocolate is calling me from the cupboard ! So mean!

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I am sure that the physio will get the the root cause of your issue MrsY. I had a similar problem at the same stage as you but it is pretty much completely fixed now and I have had no knee pain since.


You're absolutely doing the right thing by seeing a physio. Fingers crossed that she'll give you some good exercises to get you running again soon.

Uhm... chocolate... oh yes, the joys of an active lifestyle ;-)


P.S. I forgot to say: If you're having too much trouble with the chocolate, then feel free to send it my way *lol*


Stay away from the choc!!!!! Give them to me instead.

You really should take it easy. It sounds terrible. The physio may have some suitable excercises to help you out.


Thx all. Physio fab. Nothing serious thankfully, just as suspected was weak thigh + glutes....exercises given, acupuncture done, strapping on and free 1month membership at posh gym woohoo! I'm back on the road......soon!

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