Couch to 5K


What was I so hesitant for?! Huh. This was the best, easiest yet. Kinda wish I had done this last week instead of repeating w1.

My thighs are letting me know now that maybe it was tougher on my body than my mind, but I even managed to break out some tunes to my music ~during~ my last run!!

Maybe someone secretly swapped my body in my sleep hehe

I covered about 3 - 3.5km tonight, how does that compare with others at this point?

Still LOVING IT - roll on Wednesday!

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Each achievement is awesome isn't it. Well done !

From my logs, looks like I covered around 3k all in for that run/walk.


Awesome. Thanks for that island runner. Now I know I'm off the mark for distance I'm even more pleased.

All in all today I've logged up 11km, with dog walks/school runs and my trip out tonight. Not bad at all for a confirmed exercise phobic!

Edit *not off the mark for distance

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Me too w2r1 and same with the thighs and shins were hurting a bit at the end but much better after a stretch.

Keep on going - we can do this!

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This programme really works as thousands have learned. You're doing so well and clearly loving it. Well done.


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