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Workout with a BUDDY!

It's the first time i've tried exercising in public with a friend and I absolutely loved it! It made it easier knowing that I had someone there to motivate me & also share the experience with.

There was a lot of putting-off on my part, as we originally scheduled it for last week however it was hardly

as bad as I made it out to be in my head..

I will definitely urge you all to find a workout-buddy & I really wish I had tried it sooner!

Being more of the gym type, I found it pretty hard to think up exercises apart from just doing laps around the pitches.

Do you have any exercise routines that you enjoy doing at your local park?

Babykcal x

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I have recently started running with my husband. He is on week 6 run 2 tomorrow. Up till then I had run alone. I was worried about not having the music to distract me but having someone there is great. I can talk to him whilst running to pass the time :)

We run along the coastal path to hills are our workouts :)


That is a great achievement, congrats to him!

It must be really lovely running along the coastal paths.. i'm going to look into finding more running spaces, Thankyou Princess Stef!

Babykcal x


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