W3R1 complete!

I've just completed W3R1 and I'm quite surprised with myself (pleasantly surprised luckily lol)! I'm trying out posting online to help me stay motivated as I keep running.

Quick question; has anyone else tried using NHS strength and flex to support C25K? If so would you recommend it? Improving both s & f seems very appealing but I'm worried about reaching too far too fast.



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  • Well done Emma. You are well on your way.

    Lots of people do the Strength & Flex together with c25k. The early stages of S&F are quite gentle so I wouldn't worry about over exertion.

  • Thanks - good to know that it starts gently - think I'll add it in. :)

  • Just did week 3 run 1 too! The 90 sec run was a breeze compared to last week. Very clever how it builds up! X

  • Completely agree - I'm counting on it for later on in the program too :D Good luck!

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