Couch to 5K


Completed and very happy. I have lost a couple of days as I missed out on a run last Sunday due to unforeseen work commitments, and it would have been really easy to slide into "well I've missed one run, so...". However, I have already calculated how I am going to catch my run up over the next couple of weeks, making sure I have a rest day in between. Hubby is also encouraging me to go out, so Wk3R3 here we come!

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Well done. Keep up the momentum would be my advice. You've started, so you'll finish kinda thing. If your husband is encouraging then that's all to the good

Get out there, and enjoy yourself. We have lighter mornings and evenings now so hopefully more time available to fit those sessions in

Go steadily, slow but sure, and you'll be Graduated before you know it. Have fun!


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