Couch to 5K

W4r3 done!

Yay week four is done, bring on week 5! I even managed the 3 min section up hill and threw in another five min run after a little walk at the end and then another two min run, get me! That's how I know I'm ready for week 5! Bring it on! I do the extra little runs at the end when I feel confident enough to up to the next week, I know it's not part of the plan but it helps me feel I can do it! I'm getting quicker too!!

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Nice one!

Take care with those little extra runs. Don't overdo things! The road to Graduation is littered with over-enthusiastic C25kers. Make sure you're not one of them

Slowly, easy does it. It's 9 weeks

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Thanks for the tip! I think I'll be too knackered next week to think about adding on! I certainly don't want to overdo it and injure myself! I'll do as I'm told and listen to Laura from now on!


Yep, Laura's the lady for you. Ignore the bit she says about heel striking though, and breathing through your nose


Well done :) I just did week 4, run 2 and it was tough but I felt awesome afterwards. X


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