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Inspiration worked

So last night I posted a blog asking for some inspiration to get me back on track. Within minutes I had lots of lovely messages come through and some great advice.

I downloaded the c25k app and was really impressed with it. Made me want to go and have a run just to try it out. So I did. Took the advice offered and started at week 4 this morning. Went well and pushed myself and felt great afterwards. Only downside was I only had one song on my phone to listen to which was my ringtone - Sisters of Mercy - Alice. Great track to get you going but was a bit sick of it by the end! Every time my phone rings now think I'll break into a run! 😁

Looking forward to my next run on Tuesday especially as I now have more than one song on my playlist.

Thanks to everyone who messaged me last night/this morning. It really did help 👏

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Well done! It is strange how we develop a Pavlovian response to particular tunes. There are a few now on my running playlist that make me break into a trot wherever I am!


Well done, glad you followed through and that you enjoyed it and felt the benefit.


Great to hear :)


Well done MG.


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