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W5r3, w6r3 and what to do next?

W5r3, w6r3 and what to do next?

Hey all!

I honestly thought this was my first post, but I've looked back at the first time I started the C25k two years ago and can see I was posting quite a bit. I can't believe how popular my 'Running: not enough camaraderie?' post was, and if you haven't seen it please have a quick read and tell me what you think, It seems as true today as it was in 2013.

Right, this is quite a long one so I'll add titles.


The first time I did the programme I didn't get past w5r2. I can't remember what stage I did reach, but know the last and first time I did w5r3 was last week (not an experience one forgets doing it the first time). Last year late autumn I started it again and remember only reaching w5r2. I didn't stop there because I didn't feel ready for the 20 minute run, but because I developed an ingrown toenail, which made running a bit too painful.


I started again on w5r1 because I remember reading last year that if you stop, don't start that far back because you can achieve what you've done again. It was much harder than I remember and running the last 8 minutes on w5r2 was a challenge. I don't think I was moving much faster than walking pace in the last 2 - 3 minutes. Because of that, and the fact I hadn't spent the last 4 weeks jogging every other day, I was a little hesitant. But out I went and wow. I've no idea how many posts have been written about week 5 run 3 but I truly realise why it's so worth talking about. When I told friends far more casually that I should have that 'I ran for 20 minutes yesterday' it got a nice reaction and let's just say I felt quite happy with myself last weekend.


W6r1 was easier than w5r3 but w6r2 was a challenge again. On Friday (w6r3) I was not expecting one bit to hear Laura say it would be a 25 minute run. I was excited to see what I could do but not confident I'd do it very quick. It was also the first time I could see how far I ran, as I've recently got a Sony Smartband SWR!0 that came free with my new Xperia z3 mobile. I take anything 'lifelog' says about my walking with a pinch of salt as it seems to exaggerate - On Friday I apparently made 22,459 steps. I know I walked a lot and it includes the running but it still seems a lot.

Right, apparently I ran 4.8km at an average pace of 5:09/km. This is exciting because at least in theory I would hope to be running 5k in 30 mins by week 9!! :)

Ok this has been a bit long so I will do another post about what next. I'll call it simply 'what next'

Thank you for reading, I hope life inside and outside of the c25k is treating you well.


The picture is me after w5r3 :)

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Well done Mike, Week 6 done. Steady build up to graduation. :-)


Thanks :)


Well done Mike - nice to get the first of these big runs under your belt - should be plain sailing fromhereon.


Thank you Ullyrunner, I've no idea what's in store for weeks 7 - 9 but I'm feeling nicely confident :)


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