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Couch to 5K
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Completed WK5 R3

This had been the one I was worried about: a full 20 minute session of sweaty pain.

I decided to really focus on my pace at the beginning, keeping my speed slow and steady (I have a habit of bolting at the start when I'm full of energy). I was very glad I did this because the last 3 minutes were monsters. When you do finally complete it you feel like a champion

Legs and lungs scream "Stop!" but if you're not injured you can tell them to put a sock in it and plough ahead.

Including the 5min warm up walk, the session came to just under 4K. I am hopeful for achieving the full 5K by the end of week 9.

Bring on week 6!!!

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You are indeed a champion! Well done!


Well done Joe. Great attitude.


Well done! Feels good doesn't it?


Well done, can't wait for my run of 20 mins tonight. xx


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