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Not quite the full 20 minutes

I haven't posted in a while. I joined a c25k running group and they have been fantastic. They meet twice a week and then you do the third session yourself. So, this morning was the biggy - w5r3. I wasn't very confident setting out. In the end I manage to run for 10 minutes and then stopped for around 30 seconds and then ran on until 15 mins and stopped for about 90 seconds. It's definitely progress from my last runa and not too disappointed not to fully complete it. I'll have another go at it next week. I know it's mostly a mental challenge. My calves definitely felt it today. Made sure I did quite a few stretches after. Back out with the running club on Monday. Not sure what they'll be doing as we haven't done the 20 minute run. I've a feeling they might work slowly up to it. Keep going folks. This is a great programme even if it is a little challenging!

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There's no shame in that. Give it another go when you're ready and you'll be fine. Maybe slow down a bit? Instead of stopping and walking, why not run as slow as you can without actually falling over?


Thanks, I actually don't think I can go any slower! Lol


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