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W5R1 done and technique improved

I feel like i want to express what a great run i had earlier, the first run of week 5. It was hard at times but i realised that my technique had improved.

On my last run I noticed i was leaning forward slightly while running. I now try to keep my back straight (but relaxed) when running which seems to help. Perhaps i can breathe better that way which helps overall. And talking of breathing i really feel that has also improved. I have always had trouble relaxing my breath. I'm an anxiety sufferer and have to consciously control my breathing which i don't find easy. When i run I've had trouble breathing deeply instead taking quick shallow breaths. It feels like my breath runs away from me if that makes sense. But today i did really well and most of the time i wad breathing slow and deep. This definitely improved my run.

I guess i just felt fitter in general. At times it felt like i was floating which sounds a bit mad but it was relaxing. Dont get me wrong i was still glad it was over! But it was a great improvement from the last couple of weeks. Just wanted to share:)

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Sounds like you're doing great!

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Thank you for this. Any tips most welcome.

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Well done you, that's great! I actually find lean slightly forward helps me, it feels more natural - but I do mean only slightly! But we are all different, I def agree on being relaxed, it makes such a difference x


Sounds like you had a great run - and as if you are well on the way to being hooked on this running lark. It's a great way to unwind and relax as well as getting fit.


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