Couch to 5K


I was dreading this - no way can I do 3 minutes running especially after all the moaning about my knee!

So I started with the warm down stretches I do when I get back, but just did them gently instead of really feeling the stretch like I do after a run.

Then I followed the program....braced myself as I fell into the first 90 second run.........KNEE was fine!

3 minutes? gone already? PAH!!

did it all! last 20 seconds of last 3 minutes I was blowing a bit, but so much better than I expected!!

bring on R2!!

Still not resorted to wearing the support I bought, just in case!

Weight - lost half a pound.

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Well done and sounds good. If you had a fundamental bio-mechanical issue I would expect it to rear it's head pretty much every run, given that you are fine today it can only be good news.


I've still not managed it but NHS Choices Strength and Flex S&F is a five-week programme consisting of strength and flexibility workouts for complete beginners delivered through five podcasts by Laura :-) video clips are there too PS mellyboobah their forum's a bit quiet to say the least, it has now been 8 days since any activity (mine)


The videos with Laura are really good. You can do them in your front room rather than outside in the park as Laura does

You'll be fine Melly if you just go steady. Nice and slow and you'll be fine. More puff and your knees won't protest too much.


I have been saying to myself "I will start on this" (strength and flex) but never did, apart from the wall push ups. Today is my run rest day! So, here we go : I will start on this.....


Well done, sounds almost exactly like my W3R1 was a bit of a push, then 2 days later I did W3R2 and boy was it easier! Tomorrow I do W3R3 and feeling totally confident.

Good luck


Go you chumpy!!!!!!!!


Well, there you go Melly, you did fantastic. Good on you


Well done. I do last one of week 3 tomorow and am actually looking fward to it. My friend and i are doing it together and have been a really positive support for each other as neither of us thought we stood a chance at the beginning. Lets see what i think after first one of week a 4. But when we finish tomorow night we are treating ourselves to a wine in a pub that is at the start and end of our route. First one in bout 6 weeks. Hail rain or shine we will be in that beer garden

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