Couch to 5K

Week 7 Run 3

Yay! Week 7 is under my belt!

Today was the first time I went out before breakfast - I was awake nice and early so I just thought I'd go for it. I changed my route entirely as well because I had a birthday card to deliver through a friend's door - you haven't lived until you've tried to jog up and down on the spot on a gravelly drive whilst trying to push a card through a reluctant letterbox!

I don't know whether it was the change in route or what, but I managed to get a little further today in my 25 minutes - 1.81 miles instead of 1.66. When I googled to convert it I discovered that I was tantalisingly close to having run 3k!

I was desperate for the time to be up today and am rather apprehensive about a whole 28 minutes next time! But I will keep reminding myself it's only a few weeks since I was really worried about managing 3 minutes :-)

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Well done Helen! Keep it up. I found my W7R1 quite tough today. My hip was a bit niggly and I started with those negative thoughts for a bit.... But then I thought of my fellow C25K runners and I just sort of pushed on through. Phew!


I did my week three run too! First time running in the rain and the first one since my 60 th birthday. It went well.


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