W6r3 - lost Laura but wow! I'm a runner now!

Did anyone else lose Laura whilst on week 6 run 3? I got a five minute status and then suddenly nothing until 12.5 minutes and then again at 20 minutes! Felt a little lost but I guess all the other weeks are now like this due to no more walk run intervals! Very very happy that I can 'run' (ie jog!) for 25 minutes. Pat on the back :-) xxx

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  • Yep, Week 7 is the same, just 5 mins, 12.5 mins, 20 mins and then the famous '60 seconds to go, why don't you speed up a bit?'! I'm a bit more used to the lack of frequent encouragement now but often I'm begging her to talk in my ear because that means I'm halfway!

    Well done on your run by the way! :-D

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