Couch to 5K


I've nailed this run despite the rain. My right knee hurts when I start but by 4th run in, it seems to get better. Can anyone give me some advice about breathing - I think I have understood Laura right that its 4 paces in and 4 paces out - I was doing 2 but 4 feels better - tried 8 but struggled.

Whats works best for you?

The post run stretching feels divine :D

I think I am becoming an addict :P

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Well done on the run and as for breathing.....all I can say is breathe anyway you can! I don't get it either...but I try not to think about it so much. Others may have much better advice! My mantra when running my legs hurt (no) can I breathe (yes) keep running then!!! As for've come to the wrong place for help on that....we are all addicted :)


Breathing is getting easier - slowly! I got into a good rythmn today - this stopping and starting thing - I know it is building up to greater things and i will follow the programme - but i cant wait to just being able to run run run (Forest Gump styleeeeeeeeeeee)


I never managed to get the hang of that either. Best advice for breathing is not to stop as I'm told it can be fatal.

Seriously though, I've found it gets easier as time goes on.


I use the breathing sometimes by counting my breaths as I run, 4 paces in, 4 out. I've discovered that about 41 breaths is about 60 seconds, and counting them helps to distract me from the run a little and gives me an idea how long I've got left!

That worked apart from the one time I tried a bit of a hill. Then I was just gasping for breath in all sorts of weird patterns and very nearly weeping when I got to the top! No more hills till I've graduated - that's my promise to myself ;-)


I get exactly what you mean about the breathing thing - 4 in 4 out does distract you from how much time is left. I am sure there is a natural pattern for everyone - it doesn't work for me near the end of the program - bit gaspy by that point


You breathe how you like. It's your breathing. Whatever or however, just don't worry about it. Just do what comes natural


I think for a while I was over-thinking my breathing and I couldn't get the hang of in for four out for four. I now listen to loud music as I run and I think not being able to hear myself breathing has meant I've sorted out the rhythm naturally!


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