Couch to 5K

Did it! W4 R1

Well I'm sure for some parts it was just my arms running and my feet walking, I was that slow, but I did it! Even managed a little spurt on when Laura said the 60 seconds were nearly up. Gotta say I feel dead chuffed with myself, my calves however are objecting...a lot. I am really naughty when it comes to days off that I don't take any lol, but I deff will take tomorrow off! Thanks guys for your support yesterday, I was pretty much set to give up because I couldn't breathe, but just the advice to slow down ( and boy did I ever low down ) and the encouragement really helped!

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Take a day off between runs! The rest day is when the magic happens and your legs get repaired and toughened up. They're important! If you over-run you'll end up on the injury couch

Keep on running (every other day that is) Go slowly and steadily and you'll be fine

Have fun!


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