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Week 8-Done and Dusted!

Hi All. I haven't posted for a while as was on the Injury Couch. Not so much of an injury, but as the runs got longer (I got to Wk6R3), my knees got more and more painful and unstable and was beginning to think I may have to give up running all together. Fast forward several weeks and I have just finished Wk8R3 with a bit of a sprint for the last minute!!

Its a beautiful evening up here on the west coast of Scotland and I really enjoyed being outside and running along by the beach.

There- I've said it now. I enjoy running!!

So, after feeling a bit sorry for myself, I had a few weeks break from running then re- started at Wk5 and just kept repeating the interval runs for Wk5 and Wk6 until my knees felt stronger. I also did the knee strengthening exercises from the C25K site. I don't stress about getting in 3 runs a week, sometimes I only manage 1- and that's ok because I'm still progressing, getting stronger and fitter bit by bit.

I just wanted to post to say thanks to those on this forum who gave me encouragement when I needed it and to those who are struggling a bit just now- keep going ! Take a break if you need to, repeat a run/week if you need to and you will come back stronger and fitter.

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great job

you look determined

keep going

keep running


brilliant post, itss great to seee people overcome setbacks and then come back stronger for it! very inspiring, thanks for the post :)


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