Couch to 5K

Gremlins? What gremlins??

Well I have just finished week 3 run 3 despite my concerns early in the week. And to all those who sent such encouraging messages - thanks! I was determined to do it and without wanting to sound fanciful, In my mind you all there telling me I could do it. I am now almost looking forward to week 4 on Saturday. Decided not to look ahead and scare myself but instead just put Laura on and go for it.

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Congratulations ! You are well into the program now.

I agree it is best not to worry about the next run--but I'm sure you will manage it.


Strike that word from your vocabulary then it won't ever bother you again

Well done! Yes, best not look ahead. Just do what's immediately in front of you. Concentrate on that, finish it and move on. Tick


Hooray! Just keep plodding on. One foot in front of the other and doing what the lovely Laura tells you - you'll be fine!


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