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Running like the wind - running in the wind

Running like the wind - running in the wind

What an odd run. Today I was cross- so I thought I would escape for a nice 5k at lunch time. I still walk the first 5 mins - so first km. is always slow

I got to the canal bank , it was blowing a gale and branches were scattered across the toe oath. Dammit dammit dammit - then the sky went black and the rain started. So picked up the pace and cut short the run - crosser then ever, back to work. Arghgjghghg

Guess what. 3 km was 2 min 47 pace. The fastest I have run ever by a long way. , I was quite happy with the 5 .30. Pace. That was a surprise. I did feel flat out and very breathless. Could map my run be wrong- see piccy

Guess I need to get cross more, or perhaps running the interval up hills is paying off. It's a shame it was such a short run, but i will remember it ? Who would have though it eh

Please don't tell me it was wrong , though I wouldn't be surprised, it was really the only positive in a bad run

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Wow they are amazing times!! Well done :)


Funny that - yesterday I nearly chickened out of running because the wind was so awful when I was wsalking the dogs. Eventually I decided I would go, but only do 20 mins. Then I realised that if I turned after 10, I would be face into wind all the way back. So I went on round the block and completed a 4K after all. Almost the reverse of your experience - except that all the way round, that phrase "Running like the wind - Running into wind" was pounding through my head like a mantra. Had I posted yesterday, I would have used exactly the same title as you! :)


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