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B2 10k Week 4 run 2 aka battling windy gremlins!

I know I've said it a few times here recently, but I hate running in windy weather! But tonight was my running night, so off I toddled dutifully. Bah. Tried going up a pathway I've not been up before in my warm-up walk - that was rather steeper than I'd expected, so not quite the best start when my legs were a bit unhappy before I'd even taken the first running step!

For most of the first 18 minute run, my left foot was aching slightly - not one of my normal twinges, but not enough to stop me. But it meant I decided that I'd do the first run and see how I was feeling after that as to whether or not I'd continue. Second run was ok, still hard work, and that horrible wind in my face every other corner. Very glad of the second walk! Third run my legs finally felt as though they'd remembered what they're meant to do, but I was just do tired.

I managed it though, 3 x 18 mins. 54 mins running in total. Very slow though - average 13:44/mile! Oh well, I did it, that's the main thing, right? Onward and upwards; Friday should be better...

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Good on you for getting yourself out there when you know you're not fond of the wind. Good running too :)


You did it! Good for you. Running in foul weather might not be your idea of a good time but there are worse gigs. Your health and fitness will benefit though. Here's to your next run in better conditions


There were a few moments where I reminded myself that 'Laura says it's when you push through the tiredness that you make the improvement' or however she puts it. Sheer stubbornness can be useful at times, it seems - and panic about how quickly this 10k is coming up...


Yes you did it ! Well done RC for showing grit and determination. It's all miles on the legs . Fab stuff ! xxx


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