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Week 2, Run 2 :)

Well I opened the front door and the heavens opened so I promptly closed it again! Oops!! 20 minutes later tried again and the same thing happened, only this time I went out! Really wanted to get my run in before lunch (what is happening to me?!). So I struggled with the first run of week 2, but this one I really enjoyed; even though the weather was against me, I managed to time my second to last run so I was running uphill and I almost got squashed by a car!

Seriously what is happening to me?! Am I turning into a runner?

Also I suffer really badly from tight calf muscles, bought some calf compression guards and they are without question the best money I've ever spent! I'd recommend them to anyone! :)

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Well done for getting out there. Rain is ok isn't it. If it gets very heavy it can be a bother but a peaked cap is a good thing to divert it a bit, as is a lightweight running jacket

Good for you! You did a great job. Have a lovely rest day tomorrow and then line up the next run.

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Good for you for just getting on with it. Bet you felt great afterwards! Pleased there was no crushing from the car. That could have been nasty.

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