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Well, run three was done on Monday...and I managed it much better than R2!

R1 Wk2 due today - wont be able to do it until about 8pm, and i am aching! When I first get out of bed I feel like I am wearing socks full of marbles until I get going, my knees and back ache - not pain - I just really know I am doing something - it eases off with movement but i really stiffen up if I sit for too long!!

Is this normal running addicts? (I have bought good running shoes from the start)


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It will get better if you keep on running. Your body needs to get stronger to support your running legs. I think many of us have stiff legs first thing, i know i do.


It does get better, but I'd also recommend stretching properly after you've run. I know what a huge difference it makes for me if I do a full set of stretches straight afterwards, compared to the times I forget. I think advice on stretching is the one big thing that's completely missing from the podcasts!


Have you done the run yet? Well done on getting this far but I agree about the stretching. Try these below. Also, you could try yoga and/or Pilates to get a really deep stretch.

I stiffen up easily if I sit for too long too but we are meant to move so that makes sense. The answer is to keep moving!


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