Couch to 5K

W3R3 Done!

I did it in the wind and the final three mins up a hill with wind blaring in my face!! If it wasn't for my friend encouraging me to keep going I think I would've given up but feel so good now and then managed two further little trots at the end totalling another three mins!!

Still not 100% confident to move on to week 4 so am going to give another go of one round of week 3 on the flat to see if I can do it without wanting to stop!!

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I'm so impressed! The wind was fierce this evening - I was wrestling with getting a wheelchair into the car and thought the cushion was going to blow away and the boot was going to blow shut - and then two blokes ran past looking rather windswept! I did not envy them one bit! Very glad I went out this morning when it was 'only' raining!


Thanks! Am pleased with myself as my second run of week 3 was a bit of a flop yesterday so wanted to push myself a bit harder tonight to get it done!! The wind wasn't going to stop me lol!!!


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