Couch to 5K

2 runs in a day :)

Well I know it isn't good to do this but I got up yesterday and Monday is always my run day. My husband didn't want to do his run in the morning as it was hot and he wanted to wait until the evening and hoped it would cool down a bit. So I went out alone. I was going to do the speed podcast but I an still shaking off a cough and cold so I did my warm up walk. Then set the Metronome to 155 and run for 5 mins. I then set it to 163 and run for 12 minutes. It was tough but manageable. And I felt great afterwards.

So we went out all day, then came the evening and it is my Husbands Week 4 run 1. He didn't feel like going out so I went with him and did it with him. He is naturally faster than me so it was great for me too. I found I was recovering well in the walk sections - a lot better than when I did week 4 :) .

So all in all I did 5k yesterday and didn't cough my innards out :) always a bonus.

Back in work now so only one run for me tomorrow.

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Seemed to be ok for you but I wouldnt recommend it generally, especially when you have upped the kms. Hope you're not too sore :)


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