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Hello again Week 7

Took two weeks off due to achilles tendon pain, which took 7-10 days to ease away.

Started back today not knowing how far I'd get, but was pleasantly surprised to manage the 25 mins ok.

No pain or ill effects afterwards so quite happy about that.

Ran all on grass today, just to make it a bit easier on the joints and I think that was beneficial.

Didn't have the NHS - Laura podcast as my old running phone wasn't charged and found the laps of the football field really boring!

Have been a bit annoyed with myself getting lazy for the past two weeks and some old habits crept back in fast. Will have to watch out for that in the future.

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Good news and well done PR. The grass was a good idea.


Good for you for getting back to it and for doing so well after a break. Keep strong and keep running as there aren't many weeks left until graduation.


Good idea about the grass. I'll use this tip when im over my injury.

Well done!


someone told me over the w/e that grass running is much better for reducing impact on the joints and also the slightly uneven grassy surface forces you to vary your foot movements a bit more and so exercises/strengthens all foot muscles/tendons.

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